Wholesome Breakfast Smoothie.

                                        Picture Credit: Ms. Sandhya Rani                                                    

This smoothie is not only filling but it is packed with loads of nutrients and healthy fats. The added bonus is, that it is quick to make and is super tasty as well.

Calorific value: Approx. 320 calories.


Spinach- 1 cup.

Carrot- 1 Medium Sized

Beetroot- 1 (Small Sized)

Apple- 1 (Medium Sized)

Musk melon- ½ Cup

Dates- 2

Walnuts- 2-3

Flax seeds- 1 Tablespoon.

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and you have yourself a wholesome breakfast. If you want a more liquid-like consistency add some water while blending.

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