Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Should I hire a professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist for my event?

A. It is very important to hire a professional hair and makeup artist for your special events to make sure that your hair and makeup will last all day and photograph beautifully. Only a professionally trained artist will ensure that you will look and feel your absolute best on the special events in your life that you will remember in your thoughts and photographs for years to come.

Q. How safe are your makeup products since they are used on many people?

A. A good makeup artist will always have a neat kit and clean brushes and palettes. We have been professionally trained to keep everything disinfected and sanitary. We follow strictly the cleansing and disinfection processes of all the tools and products before and after each client, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Q. About how long does it take to do each service?

A. That depends on the kind of occasion/event and the type of makeup and hairstyle that you have chosen for it.

A Bridal makeup and hair styling takes approximately 3.5 hours, allowing for small delays that may occur during the wedding day timelines.

Q. Do you provide services for those other than the bride?

A. Yes, we do. In case shortage of time won’t permit us to provide Hair and Makeup services for additional persons ourselves, we may bring in other professional stylists/artists, based on their availability.

Q. Can we book you for makeup alone??

A. Yes, you can book us for a single service as well, although there would be better harmony between the entire look if one artist/team is booked for all the services.

Q. Do you have a Studio or a Salon?

A. We are freelancers so all the services we provide are ‘On-Location’, meaning at a Home/Venue that is chosen by the Client.

Q. How far will you travel? Is there a travel fee??

A. Since we are currently based in Hyderabad, there is no travel fee involved for events within the city unless they fall outside our normal working hours of 8am-6pm.

Q. How soon before the event should I book a Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist?

A. As soon as you have chosen your clothes and booked a venue.

Q.What is the procedure for booking?

A. You can contact us via email or on the phone with your requirement. We will then send you the available services and packages. Once you have decided on the services you need (fully customizable), you need to secure a date and time, by paying a booking deposit on the day of the in-person consultation by cash or bank transfer. The remaining amount will have to be paid in full 48hours before the booked date by online bank transfer. (48 hours, because we understand how hectic the day before and the day of an event can be for those involved and would prefer to get all financial transactions out of the way to avoid unnecessary stress both for you and us on D-day.)

Q. How much is the booking deposit?

A. Booking deposit is calculated at 30% of total cost of services. This amount is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please bear in mind that the date and time will be blocked only after this amount is paid.

Q. How do I decide on a look? What does a trial include?

A. We offer free consultation services to each client where their look is planned and personalized in minute detail. You can look for pictures online or from our collection and we can then personalize it to suit your facial features/ hair type/ attire. In case you are unsure of a look, you can book a paid trial (complementary with some packages) with us, where we create the look on you, which will help you to finalize your look. The date and time of the trial are allotted based on the availability of the artists, according to their schedule. All the members of a party booked together will be scheduled for consultation/trial at the same time slot at a single location.

Q.Are there any service location requirements?

A. There are certain requirements that we would need to be able to provide the best possible services. A work area with good lighting (natural or by means of good quality lights) is a prerequisite to providing good makeup services. A table to set up our supplies and an electrical socket for us to plug in our electrical tools.

Q. Is there a Refund/Transfer/Cancellation policy?

A. The Booking deposit is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. A change of dates, however, can be arranged by notifying us via email at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the event booked. Changing of dates after that time period is subject to availability of the artist. Cancellations, if any, must be notified to us via email, no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the booked date of the event, failing which you will be liable to pay us the full amount (the balance due after excluding the booking deposit) for the services agreed upon. This amount is to prevent any loss of pay for the other work we had to turn down to block your date and since finding alternative bookings at such a later date is uncertain.

Q. Are the prices negotiable?

A. All of our services are priced extremely reasonably taking into account the time, skills and efforts we put into providing them. The care we take with each client, going into painstaking detail right from the consultation stages, selecting a look that highlights their unique beauty and personality to executing it, ensuring they are relaxed and comfortable and look and feel their absolute best on their special day is something we take a lot of pride in. The cost of services although fixed, are priced individually and can be picked according to your preference which allows room for flexibility in pricing.

If you have any questions for us to answer, please feel free to contact us.